"The Crossfade"

CD The Crossfade

CD of the musician Sergey Afanasiev

Compositions of the music album Sergey Afanasiev "The Crossfade" were written at different times: some of them were restored from materials composed by the author while still studying at a music college and, in addition to rock music, seriously interested in composing orthodox music, and some were written quite recently.
At the same time, according to the author of the site, arranging on a home computer and creating music of a music album do not have such global differences either in the nature and style of sound, or in harmonization and instrumentation compositions that could take place with the difference in methods and methods of processing music on a magnetic tape in the early 90s of the last century, or on the hard disk of a personal music computer today.

Sergey Afanasiev expresses his sincere gratitude Vladimir Kartashov (vocals), Alexander Nikiforov (guitar), Sergey Razumov (guitar), who made an invaluable contribution to the creation of the musician's CD "The Crossfade" and provided friendly support during its recording and processing.

Special thanks to Dmitry Ivanov for the kindly provided programs for music and help in their development.

Thank you, friends!

"The Crossfade"

  • Music, arrangement, MIDI, keyboards, bass-guitar — Sergey Afanasiev.

  • Guest musicians:
  •  Vladimir Kartashov — vocals (3,5,7,8),
  •  Alexander Nikiforov — guitars (5,8),
  •  Sergey Razumov — guitars (2,3,7).

  • The lyrics used:
  •  V.Hugo,
  •  M.Hernandes,
  •  H.Boskan,
  •  R.Kipling,
  •  S.Afanasiev.

1. "Arrival"

2. "Beginning"

3. "Oppression"

4. "Drops"

5. "I'm Alive"

6. "Awakeining"

7. "Precept"

8. "Autumn"