music programs

Music programs for the computer are created in order for the personal computer of the composer in the home recording studio, specially equipped for composing compositions, to process the sound of a professional quality.

With all the variety of effects, treatments, plug-ins and orchestral instruments, computer music creativity is based on the conversion of sound into a digital format. In this case, computer musicians always know that just digitizing sound is not yet possible. It is a guarantee of its quality. You need to clearly understand the nature of the digital signal, the features of its professional processing.

Of the huge number of music editors that include professional music programs for music, focused on creating music on a computer, designed to work with sound in a home recording studio, the most convenient from the point of view of the author of the site is "Nuendo" and "Cubase" by "Steinberg".
Computer music programs cause a great functionality when editing compositions, and composing, mixing and mastering music works in the field of application of the latest computer technologies from application programming turn into the most interesting work for composers.
A powerful audio engine allows you to use a large number of tracks and real-time effects, provides automation of the mixer, VST plug-ins and VST-instruments. The music programs "Nuendo" and "Cubase" allow you to provide maximum control over the entire process of making music.

The author did not set the task of a detailed review of the work of virtual editors - music computer programs are accompanied by complete documentation and a detailed user manual.

The resource was developed for another purpose-to attract attention to their work of professional composers, arrangers and sound engineers, in a word, all creatively gifted people who competently and successfully apply the latest computer technologies for recording, mixing, mastering musical compositions and sound processing in their professional work.

Recording, mixing, editing tracks music album"The Crossfade" by Sergey Afanasiev was carried out in professional editors "Cubase", "Nuendo", "WaveLab", "SoundForge".

Moreover, using such music programs on the computer, the author pays close attention to the visitors of the resource: the reason that such editors were used to record music is not a mandatory standard; rather, it is a happy accident and wise advice friends of the composer, but not a deliberate and deliberate choice.

The website of the musician Sergey Afanasiev is intended for the use of virtual professional programs and music editors for recording, editing and arranging music and getting a "live sound" as a result of computer music making.