"Thunderstone" -
"Tools of the Devil"

"Tools of the Devil" watch video online

"Thunderstone" is a Finland english-language power band.
The year of creation of the group "Thunderstone" - 2000.
The place of creation is Helsinki.
The author of the project "Thunderstone" - guitarist Nino Laurenne.

Video "Tool Of The Devil" from the third album "Thunderstone" - "Tools Of Destruction".
The album "Tools Of Destruction" was released in 2005.

The composition of the group (at the time of recording the video):
Pasi Rantanen - vocal.
Nino Laurenne - guitar and backing vocal.
Titus Hjelm - bass-guitar and backing vocal.
Mirka Rantanen - drums.
Kari Tornack - keyboards.