orthodox music
choral scores of church hymns for mixed choir


Orthodox music

под Твое благоутробие

Orthodox music

Господи, Христе Боже мой

Orthodox music

Тебе поем

Orthodox music, proposed by S.Afanasiev — is rather, a certain kind of "experiment" in the field of the musician's creativity, the sum total of the singing experience and some special musical knowledge acquired by the author of the site during his work in choral groups.
Orthodox music — choral scores of church hymns, due to the prevailing objective circumstances to which S. Afanasyev has a right to a direct relationship.

In this regard, the author has found it possible to offer the visitors resource download some of his writings of the Orthodox Church choir scores of sacred music created in the "Finale" was submitted to arrangement for piano — way reading of choral scores conductors Horovice music colleges and conservatoires, or the Regents of the Church choirs of Orthodox theological schools.
According to the author, the complexity of the performance of church hymns of sacred music does not pose any difficulties — only the utmost attention is required performers and a competent understanding of the musical form of the works by the choir conductor.

All the choral scores of church hymns offered on the composer's website are four — voice; divisions in the parts are the exception rather than the general rule.

When composing these compositions on a music computer, the author, among other things, tried to take into account the possibility of performing sacred music not only by a large composition of a mixed choir, but also by a chamber church ensemble.

For the analysis of voice studies, and, consequently, for the evaluation of the possibility of performing and (or) transcribing church hymns for other choir compositions, there are only the opening pages of choral scores.

If you find the sacred music of S.Afanasiev's church hymns interesting, please send an order to the author's e-mail: the sheet music will be sent in full in any format that is convenient for you.