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Sergey Afanasiev
musician, composer, arranger

music arrangemen

virtual professional music programs and music editors for recording and arranging music and getting a "live sound" on a music computer.

choral scores

creating and composing Orthodox choral scores church hymns of sacred music for a large mixed choir or chamber church ensemble.

lyrics for music

own poems the author of the site, whose texts were used in the arrangements and creation of music in the music program "Nuendo".

musicians websites

Musicians websites are a very common phenomenon on the Internet. Musician S.Afanasiev, being an artist of the symphony orchestra by education in the class of double bass, tried to bring his personal websites of musicians as close as possible to the musical theme.

Due to a different set of circumstances, S.Afanasiev had to apply in practice not only his "direct duties" recorded in the diploma, but also a lot of "related musical specialties", making the most of the creative potential of his abilities and the possibility of their artistic realization.

It was all the skills and knowledge that the musician acquired during his career - working in recording studios and pop groups, rock bands, jazz orchestras, academic choirs, chamber church ensembles - that led to the recording of CD "The Crossfade", video of some compositions of which the author also suggests.

Musician S.Afanasiev expresses his gratitude to all visitors of the site and especially sincerely thanks professional musicians who have their own personal websites of musicians and visited this resource; he will be happy to receive any suggestions, reviews and comments; he will consider all possible suggestions on the use or purchase of materials.